KANYA system
Customized Solutions

Delivery of the complete article

Complete product - according to the documentation for the production:

  • according to the customer documentation
  • documentation made ​​in KANYA (according to customer requirements)
  • documentation made ​​in KANYA - standard product

Complete product - a condition for delivery:

  • in assembled condition
  • in a condition for mounting by the customer
  • installation of a customer need
  • assemble by KANYA


Supply of materials

Material as stock:

  • profiles and pipes length of 5 m or 6 m
  • additional basic components (connectors, compression joints, etc.) in the desired quantity (pcs)
  • additional auxiliary components (caps, wheels, legs, handles, hinges, locks , etc.)  in the desired quantity (pcs)
  • Additional components of length (sealing and guide profiles, plastic, rubber , etc.) in the full length (3-5 m)
  • additional surface components (fillers and glass walls, cabins, shelters)

Material prepared (machined according to customer requirements):

  • profiles cut to desired lengths, possibly ending at an angle with holes for coupling
  • profiles fitted with pre-assembled connectors



Preparation of technical designs, design work

  • Preparation of technical design
  • Optimization of structural design
  • Elaboration of technical documentation project
    • The design documentation
    • Production documentation
    • Accompanying technical documentation
  • Ensuring the production facility proposed


Advantages of cooperation and supply of technical designs and documentation:

  • A team of engineers and designers with expertise and experience in their field
  • Use of Swiss design support system
  • Simplicity, efficiency, quality construction
  • Preparation of documentation in 3D CAD software Autodesk Inventor or Autocad 2D CAD
  • Transmission documentation in printed and electronic form
  • Cooperation and technical assistance throughout the production




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