Industrial use

Single-purpose machines

We specialize in developing and manufacturing special purpose machines. We use the best of all possibilities of aluminum structural profiles KANYA. Make sure as well as our major clients Skoda Auto, Hyundai, Gambro, Meopta and more ...

Frames, covers, fences, cabins

Need tailored to make the cover of your machine to your exact requirements? The advantage of aluminum profiles KANYA 100% functional, space saving, easy handling service and ultimately, the overall appearance.

Transporters, work benches

Try aluminum profiles KANYA for the manufacture of transporters and industrial workbenches. Aluminium profiles with durability, quality and reliability. About this allegation has been persuaded these clients: Gambro, Stanko, Edwards and more ...

Commercial use

Pergolas, dividing walls, exhibition stands

Aluminum profiles KANYA options are almost limitless. Among other things, they are also used for partitions, exhibition stands, pergolas, etc. These clients have used our aluminum profiles: Teneco, Elsa Thermo, Lomax, Dvorak and more ...


Aluminium profiles KANYA find their application in advertising. Look for testimonials of our clients Dis Media, Mivisa, Eldis, Brno Observatory and who our aluminum profiles applied in the construction of billboards and information stands.


Produce quality storefronts with aluminum profiles KANYA, as well as our clients ZOK system, Apro, Rital, Mivisa and more ...



From aluminum structural profiles KANYA you can also create different design of the furniture, such as tables designed for home or work tables for a wide range of applications. Reference: Hyundai, Spea, Aura, ÚFCH Praha, Mürdter and more ...

Wardrobe system

KANYA aluminum profiles can be used to create a variety of wardrobe systems, racks, shelves and other individual applications.


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