A wide range of components PVS ® profile system offers almost unlimited opportunities for both static and mobile applications.

Aluminium profiles
The product offer includes one hundred profiles in five size ranges (range 50 mm, 45mm, 40 mm, 30 mm, range 20 mm) with square cross-sections, rectangular and special, with a different arrangement of the grooves, with solid walls, etc., from small profile cross-section 20 x 20 mm after the absorption profiles of up to 100 x 200 mm.

Additional components
The system includes a range of linear sliding and rolling lines, manifolds for air distribution systems or liquids elements to create mutually movable parts in several axes. The offer extends construction for sound insulation, for which are provided special sound-deadening panels and profiles selected according to the characteristics (frequency and amplitude) of sound. An integral part of the offer are also casters, corner caps, grips, handles, plastic and other components. All these and a number of other components found in our catalog.

Connector technology
Profiles can be mounted in different angles, which allow the cross-sectional shapes and profiles specially designed fasteners. A number of fasteners is patent protected.



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